The Ahl Family

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1.  Adam VAN AALE was born about 1725.

He had the following children:

+2.  Philip VAN AALE.


2.  Philip VAN AALE (Adam1) was born about 1750.

He was married to Susanna Santje HAGEDORN (daughter of Hendrick HAGEDORN and Santyie Angenitie Susanna VEDDER) on 22 Sep 1776.  Susanna Santje HAGEDORN was born on 2 Nov 1752 in Schoharie, New York.  Philip and Susanna had the following children:

+3.  Henrich Von Allen ALL.


3.  Henrich Von Allen ALL (Philip2,Adam1) was born on 19 Apr 1780.

He was married to Polly.  Henrich and Polly had the following children:

+4.  John D. ALL.

He was married to Betsy.  Betsy was born in 1798.


4. John D. ALL (Henrich3,Philip2,Adam1) was born in 1803 in South Worchester, New York.  He died on 6 Aug 1836.

He was married to Nellie SAULSBURY.  John and Nellie had the following children:

+5.  Peter F. ALL.


5.  Peter F. ALL was born on 11 Jul 1829.  He died on 28 Feb 1896.

He was married to Catherine SPOOR (daughter of John SPOOR and Catherine DOX).  Catherine SPOOR was born on 19 Aug 1826.  She died on 19 Feb 1868.  Peter F. ALL and Catherine SPOOR had the following children: John Dennis, Hannah Elizabeth, Jane A., Robert (12 Mar 1859-7 Jul 1942), Lambert, Arthur (25 Dec 1853-26 Feb 1868), Peter F. Jr. (25 Oct 1864-25 Dec 1868), and Catherine Ahl.

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John Dennis Ahl Hannah Elizabeth Ahl Jane A. Ahl Lambert Ahl Catherine Ahl

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