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Find A Grave - Find A Grave is a database of 20 million gravesites posted on a volunteer basis.  You can look at my entire list by choosing a name from this site, such as Keith Handy, and click on "Search 20 million grave records".  You will see "Non Famous Grave Search".  Type in his name, and his record will come up.  Click on his name, and his vital info and picture will come up.  You will see "Jennifer Bohannon" under his picture and at the bottom of his record.  Click on my name and it will take you to my contributor page.  Click on "Memorials" under "Contributions to Find A Grave" and you will get a list of every grave I have personally added. - is a collection of a billion records on people from all over the world.  It does require a membership with a monthly fee. - This is the website for the Snell-Zimmerman-Timmerman Reunion, of which my family, the Handys and the Groffs are descended.  You can find a very large database here of every descendant the Reunion has been able to locate. - This family site is run by Deborah Holmes.  She has more information on the Ivey Family and many of their family lines.