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Family History Store

The purpose of the "store" is to give you an opportunity to obtain some of this information for yourself in book format.  It is especially for those who do not have an interest in the research, but in the reading about their family history, and for those who do not have a family history program for their own use.  I would be more than happy to send you a "published" copy of whatever information you would like, I just ask that you pay for the postage, paper and ink!  The time it takes to compile the information and print it in a book format is my gift to you.  If you have a family history computer program, I can send you my GEDCOM file for free!

You can place an order at

Paper & Ink:

0-50 pages, 20 cents per page, $1.00 minimum price.

50 +, 10 cents per page.


0-50 pages, $5

50-100 pages, $7.50

100-150, $10

150-200, $15

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