Gertrude Evadean Groff Handy

Evadean, as she was called, was born on February 20, 1899 in St. Johnsville, New York, to Fayette and Antoinette Burkdorf Groff.  She married Herbert Asa Handy (8 Mar 1904-3 Jul 1988) on August 19, 1925 in the same town, and died on May 10, 1985 in Palatine Bridge, New York, at the age of 86.  Evadean was buried in West St. Johnsville Cemetery, where her husband later joined her.  She was a wife, mother, and math teacher.  Evadean and Herbert had two children, Keith Raymond (26 Dec 1926-29 Jan 1993), and adopted Joanne Mary (28 Apr 1933-2 Apr 1993).  Evadean's legacy lives on in many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. 

Evadean filled many diaries with the events of her everyday life, and wrote in such a way that implies that someday her descendants would read her writings.  Every effort has been made to preserve her actual writings, including misspellings and grammatical errors.  Some words and names could not be read; therefore, they may be incorrect.

Evadean was my maternal great-grandmother.

I encourage you to search for your birthday...your name might be there!


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Evadean's mother, Antoinette Burkdorf Groff, kept her own diaries.  Here are the few that have been found:

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